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Increase your profits with our risk-free aligner solution

We include all treatment planning, manufacturing including any refinements or replacements, and monitoring for a one-off fee

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Why 3Dental

Quick turnaround

Using advanced manufacturing methods we are able to create treatment plans in 48 hours and manufacture in 72 hours

3Dental Portal

Using our portal you are able to track each stage of the manufacturing process, order with ease and communicate with the 3Dental team

Reduce Chair time

Reduce your chair time with our digital monitoring system. This allows you to monitor patients remotely, removing unnecessary practice visits.

Case Support

Full support throughout your patients aligner treatment, with our all in one package which includes replacements and refinements.

Our products

Increase your profits with our risk-free Premium Aligner Package

Using the 3Dental Premium Aligner Package your workflow will become all in one, meaning your orders and manufacturing are fully traceable. Manufactured in Britain leading to a shorter supply chain and giving you and your patient a quick turn around with a guarantee of quality.

Offering the best quality and additional assurance

Manufactured with the leading Premium material, The 3Dental Premium Retainer gives the best quality with the additional assurance of a 6 month guarantee. 3Dental gives you and your patient an accurately machined product removing human error with a quick 24 hour turnaround.

Case planning and evaluation digitally

Our digital study models are a great tool to add to your digital workflow, receive a fully interactive simulation which can be accessed from anywhere to plan and evaluate your cases, as well as cleaned STL files stored on the portal to download at any time.

Striving for new digital and technological advances

The 3Dental Whitening Tray uses the latest digital and technological advances, allowing us to offer a Whitening Tray that has exact sized reservoirs, this means you won’t be seeing any blue tac or block out resin being used. We also offer this with a scalloped edge to reduce visibility and increase comfort.

Easy Ordering

Step one

Upload order to the 3Dental portal.

Step two

Select what your patient requires

Step three

Dispatched to practice or patient

Our portal

Register for a free sample box

Using our portal you are able to track each stage of the manufacturing process, order with ease and communicate with the 3Dental team. *Sample box contains an Aligner, Premium Retainer and a Whitening Tray.


Our solutions

Premium Aligner Package

  • Casting & Scanning
  • Send from any Scanner
  • Treatment Plan*
  • Aligners
  • Premium Retainers
  • Premium Packaging
  • Dental Monitoring
  • Case Support
  • Replacement Aligners
  • Unlimited Refinements

*Treatment Plans are free, if your patient doesn’t go ahead.

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Premium Retainer

  • Casting & Scanning
  • Send from any Scanner
  • Premium Retainers
  • Premium Packaging
  • Tools & Accessories

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