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About us

Who we are

One of the largest aligner manufacturers in the UK

We began as a 3D printing solution for dental labs who were unable to deal with the transition to digital dentistry. Since 2018, we have developed and specialised in the manufacture of aligners and have rebranded with the intention of bringing these solutions directly to the dentist.

We have recently moved to our new, custom-built, specialist manufacturing centre which has allowed us to become one of the largest aligner manufacturers in the UK. In 2021, we completed over 4,000 treatment plans and manufactured over 250,000 dental products.

“We very rarely outsource our production but 3Dental are an exception and for very good reason. They are efficient, prompt, responsive and a pleasure to work with. The quality of their product is absolutely first rate and just as we are experts in our field, it is clear to me that they are experts in theirs. It’s not just their printing we require, but their expertise.”

Dr Anthony Lovat BDS,
Managing Director, OPRO

Consistant quality

3D printed dental models working with scanners and CAD/CAM software leaves little room for human error.

Fast production

Highly automated digital dentistry technology and system offer greater levels of efficiency with no loss of quality.

Small to large production

Our 3Dental systems and technology can be scaled up to offer small to large volume manufacturing capabilities.

Automated design

We are an experienced team of problem solvers, constantly looking for ways to innovate and help your business grow.

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